2014 Lucky Charm Cereal Contest Eating Champion! Hard Rock Cafe


2014 Lucky Charms eating contest Champion at the Hard Rock cafe Chicago. 3 mini boxes of Lucky Charms Cereal and a 1/2 pint of milk by yours truly in 1:41. St. Patty’s Day 2015. Almost gave myself diabetes with all the sugar.

lucky charms       winner lucky charms

Share your ideas with me…..


If there is something that you have always wanted to try or create, let me know and I will make it for you, critique it and post how to! 

Recipe to follow. Super simple, quick and delicious!

Super simple, quick and delicious Hungarian spiced lamb chops over a mushroom demi glaze!



I have a confession to make. Up until last Thursday, I had never made Kimchi nor did i have a formal recipe. I did know the ingredients and spices necessary to create the fermented masterpiece. Well, today was the 7th day since I had placed my gallon glass jar of the delicious Kimchi. IT CAME OUT PERFECT!! The balance of sweet, sour, savory and spice made this one of the top 5 Kimchi’s I have ever tried and it was so easy. kimchi

USEFUL TIP:  Don’t have a recipe. Add ingredients in a bowl and continuously test until you get the desired taste. Too salty, add something sweet.  Too sweet, add some acidity. Keep playing around and eventually you will get a great understanding of ingredients that compliment each other and those that should never be together.