Delicious Puerto Rican Egg less Nog – Coquito


Coquito Pic

With the end of the holiday week, I wanted to post a recipe for all to taste. This one is simple, delicious and it packs a punch. Coquito is an old Puerto Rican Rum based drink that we typically drink during festive holidays. It’s excellent for those of you that don’t like the taste of alcohol and like something sweet at the end of your meal. This recipe is egg less.

You will need:

In the blender add all of your ingredients but the Rum. Mix well. You will now have the base for your Coquito. How strong you want it depends on you. With this mixture I use an entire 750ml bottle of Rum. You end up with about 2000ml of drink. You can serve it over ice and enjoy.

Coquito (1) Coquito (2) Coquito (4) Coquito (6) Coquito (7) Coquito2 (1) Coquito2 (2) Coquito2 (3) Coquito2 (4) Coquito2 (5)Please note:  This is the quick and easy way to make Coquito. Traditionalist will send me hate mail for showing this recipe. The true way to make this takes hours and includes fresh coconuts and a lot of muscle. If you would like to know the original recipe, message me. 


One thought on “Delicious Puerto Rican Egg less Nog – Coquito

  1. allurepower

    This is THE best holiday dessert drink! I saved a few empty white wine bottles, filled them up with this, stuck a bow on them and gave them out as gifts! Everyone loves them!! And what’s better than giving a home made gift!

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